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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Indecisive President leads to indecisive country leads to indecisive people

My opinion

According to the New York Times our President had to be convinced that the United States had to act and do something about Libya.

The president did make a decision though; he gave the ok for American’s to join in with Europeans and Arabs in fighting against the Libyan government.

However, A senior White House official recalled the President saying, “The American involvement in military action in Libya should be limited – no ground troops – and finite. ‘Days, not weeks,” According to the New York Times.

Why is the President being so indecisive? You can’t help someone halfway. The President is basically saying “here Libya, give me your hand and I will help you stand up; but only half way.”

Are we going to help or not? Are we going to go in and do something about what is going on? Or are we going to sit out? Right now I don’t have a strong enough opinion on which one I would rather but I would like a firm decision from our President.

Opinion 2

The said, “The former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, came down hard on the President,” saying that he was, “Mocking him as a stuttering weakling when it come to Libya. He declared that Obama has displayed the worst presidential decision making on foreign policy he’s ever seen.”

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